God has a profound design for the Sacrament of Marriage. Through it He provides the grace for every couple to continually draw closer to each other, to co-operate with Him in the creation and education of children, and to be a visible sign of His love to the world. Due to Original Sin, however, this design is so often marred by confusion and selfishness. As a culture we have lost sight of what marriage is meant to be. This is why, in his Constitution on Teaching, Bishop Strickland described ongoing marriage formation in the Diocese of Tyler as “perhaps the most important project we undertake”. (18) Join Deanna and Mikki as they sit down with Jodi Todd, Marriage Formation Coordinator at the Cathedral in Tyler, to discuss, in practical terms, what it takes for the Church to form healthy, thriving Catholic marriages. 

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How to Form Strong Marriages

by St. Philip Institute Podcast