On August 11, the St. Philip Institute partnered with Children of God for Life and the Avila Institute to host a webinar on Abortion and the COVID-19 Vaccine. His Excellency, Bishop Joseph E. Strickland, Bishop of Tyler and Founder of the St. Philip Institute joined Dr. Stacy Trasancos, Executive Director of the St. Philip Institute and Mrs. Debi Vinnedge, Founder and Executive Director of Children of God for Life to answer questions about the use of the remains of aborted children in research. Questions were submitted prior to the webinar.

Following a brief presentation by Dr. Trasancos, representative questions (from the 100+ submitted) were answered by Bishop Strickland and Mrs. Vinnedge. The Avila Institute, founded and directed by Dan Burke provided the webinar platform and technical support. The webinar was also live-streamed on Facebook.

Below you will find the Facebook video and the slides for the presentation. In the slides, the links can be found to all of the supplemental material. Please use this information to tell friends and family in person and on social media about the enormous weight of the times we are in.

The Vatican has been clear about the lawfulness of accepting vaccines produced using the remains of aborted children only if 1) there are no alternatives available, 2) there is a dire need to protect an individual and the population, and 3) Catholics continue to demand ethical alternatives. With COVID-19, we have a chance to demand an ethically produced vaccine before any vaccine goes to market. Industries do pay attention. Let’s speak up while we can. We have a grave responsibility to do so.

“I will not kill children to live.” —Bishop Jospeh Strickland

Slides from the Presentation

Right the Wrong

We must denounce any COVID-19 vaccine that is developed using the body parts of aborted children and demand that the pharmaceutical industry use ethical practices. Right the wrong!