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Dr. Trasancos on the Drew Mariani Show – Vaccines 

  • What you need to know: The CDC is warning that COVID could get really bad this fall – what do we know and what can be done? Also, another statue was vandalized at a Catholic church, this time in Denver. And why are some moms freaking out about Trolls? It’s for good reason. We’ll connect you to this and more.
  • Small business owners struggling to make ends meet, now leaning credit cards to stay afloat. Many small businesses are simply closing down. Has the PPP helped? A look at what can be done to rescue them and where the government is with guaranteeing relief. All this and more with Roger Geiger.
  • Russia claims to have the first vaccine for COVID, but realistically, they seem to have rushed through the process and skipped important check points for testing. The US is still hopeful to have one at some point, but what if aborted fetal cells are used in the vaccine production? Would you and could you take it? Learn about material and remote cooperation with evil, and what you as a Catholic should do. Bishop Strickland is clear that no Catholic can accept a vaccine with aborted fetal cell lines produced. Dr. Stacy Trasancos is here for that and her analysis.