Baptism Formation Videos

These videos are one part of the formation process for our baptism program, The Way of the Holy Family. Click below to purchase the rest of the materials or scroll down to access the baptism teaching videos.

English Pre-Baptism Videos

Enjoy our pre-baptismal videos for the Way of the Holy Family.

Introduction from Bishop Strickland

Baptism Class #1: Theology of Baptism

Baptism Class #2: The Rite of Baptism

Baptism Class #3: Priest, Prophet, and King

Videos antes del bautismo en español

Disfurta nuestros videos para La Via de la Sagrada Familia aqui.

Introducción del Obispo Joseph Strickland

Clase de Bautismo #1: La Teología del Bautismo

Clase de Bautismo #2: El Rito del Bautismo

Clase de Bautismo #3: Sacerdote, Profeta, y Rey