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Executive Director: Stacy Trasancos, Ph.D.
Phone: (903) 630-5055 ext. 114

Director of Family Life: Deanna Johnston, M.A.
Phone: (903) 630-5055 ext. 112

Director of Faith Formation : Luke Arredondo
Phone:(903) 630-5055 ext. 116

Director of Youth Formation: Fr. Justin Braun
Phone: (903) 630-5055

Seasons of Infancy and Initiation Specialist: Mikki Sciba
Phone: (903) 630-5055 ext. 113

Cinematographer: Nicholas Willey
Phone: (903) 630-5055 ext. 122

Administrative Assistant: Zaira Melchor
Phone: (903) 630-5055 ext. 110

Stabat Mater Art Fellow: Robert Puschautz

Event Coordinator: Angelina Estrada

(903) 630-5055 ext. 117

Website Designer: Britney Meighen







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