By Fr. Joshua Neu • January 8, 2018

What should we do with our hands at mass?

By Dr. David Tamisiea • January 1, 2018

In this blog post from Dr. David Tamisiea, we explore the importance of teaching the Catholic Faith as lay people.

By Msgr. Charles Pope • December 13, 2017

In our culture’s current self-examination on sexual harassment and sexual abuse, we would also do well to ponder how the “contraceptive mentality” has contributed to the many sexually related problems of the day.

By Msgr. Charles Pope • December 11, 2017

This commercial says a lot about how we can conceive of Christ, and the desire of some to refashion Him. Perhaps we do well to look at it by analyzing the cast of characters and weaving in the plot.

By Msgr. Charles Pope • December 5, 2017

Catholics are often unaware just how biblical the Sacred Liturgy is. The design of our traditional churches; the use of candles, incense, and golden vessels; the postures of standing and kneeling; the altar; the singing of hymns; priests wearing ...