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Department of Family Life

The Department of Family Life oversees and implements marriage and family formation programs in the Diocese of Tyler. It is built of a Director, Mrs. Deanna Johnston, M.A., and specialists and experts in the Seasons of Life as defined in Bishop Strickland’s apostolic constitution, “A Teaching Diocese: Constitution on Teaching the Catholic Faith.” The Director organizes and leads marriage formation programs in each deanery and works with priests, deacons, and staff at each parish to host these events. The Department of Family Life is also responsible for the development of curricula pertaining to marriage formation throughout the Diocese and regularly produces catechetical and evangelical content, in written, audio, and video form. This includes online articles, print articles, lectures, and videos.

"Because of the intense attacks on marriage in our society, it is imperative that we improve our efforts to build and nurture strong Christian marriages in our Diocese.  The formation and continuing support we give to couples entering into matrimony is perhaps the most important project we undertake." —Bishop Joseph Strickland, Constitution on Teaching (18)


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