Going Deeper: Lectio Divina


The work of reading and praying with Sacred Scripture is one of the primary methods of meditation that the Catechism recommends for the Christian to go deeper in the life of prayer. Actio, the fifth step, is how we actualize the fruits of our meditation in action; that is, in our life. Actio reflects the intimacy that disciples grow in as they are transformed by the life of God and is the necessary response to the inward movement of the Holy Spirit.

Discussion Questions:

1. How often do you read Scripture?

2. How much do you think you know about God? How well do you think you know God?

3. What are the challenges you have encountered with Lectio Divina?

4. What blessings or insights have you gained through the Lectio Divina process?

“To get the full flavor of an herb, it must be pressed between the fingers, so it is the same with the scriptures; the more familiar they become, the more they reveal their hidden treasures and yield their indescribable riches.” -St. John Chrysostom