Lesson 1: “Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?”

We turn toward God to answer the most fundamental questions of life: Who am I? Why am I here? What was I created to do? Where am I going? By following Jesus, listening to him in prayer and in the teachings of the Church, we encounter much more than just an ideal, we encounter a Person.

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you ever look up to God and ask, “Why am I here?” Has he revealed an answer to you? If so, would you be willing to share?

2. When was the first time you thought about what you wanted to do/who you wanted to be “when you grew up?” What did you want to be/are thinking about being/doing?

3. Who is the first person you go to when you have challenges in your life? Your mom, dad, priest, friends?

4. St. Gregory of Nazianzus said: “We must remember God more often that we draw breath” (CCC 2697). Do you remember to pray as often as you draw breath?

5. Do you want to be a saint?