Lesson 15: “Thy Will Be Done!”

Modern man understands obedience as a rejection of self and a constraint on freedom. The Church in her wisdom has always understood obedience in the light of Christ, whose whole life was an act of obedient love of the Father. In obedience, we see true freedom, not as wounded by selfishness and slavery to sin, but rather as the express disposition necessary to do the will of God. The evangelical counsel of obedience is at the heart of living totally for God and is an expression of the consecrated person’s humility before the wisdom of the Church.

Discussion Questions:

1. How do you practice obedience in your daily life?

2. Has disobedience been a problem? How so?

3. Does the feeling of not always getting your way frustrate you? Have you ever noticed your way may not be the “best” way?

4. How can you practice obedience and humility more in your daily life?