Lesson 19: “Do Not Look Gloomy”

Fasting and mortification- that is, self-denial- are hallmarks of the Judeo-Christian heritage of prayer. The fact that in a self-indulgent culture these signs of Christian faith are at time criticized and mocked should not deter the disciple from following the biblical teaching of Christ to fast and to “deny ourselves and take up our cross.” The life of detachment from things of the world better prepares the heart of man for the things of heaven.

Discussion Questions:

1. What is the greatest indulgence in your life?

2. Do you understand the connection between your need for conversion and repentance and mortification/fasting?

3. What can you do year-round (like no fish on Fridays except for solemnities)?

4. What mortification could your group do together to better follow the way of Christ?