Lesson 2: “Come and See”

God reveals to everyone his or her vocation, and in looking at the lives of the apostles, their vocation, and the life they lived in response to their calling, or vocation, we see that all of us are likewise called to our greatest fulfillment by following the will of God.

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you ever feel or think you are unqualified to know what you are supposed to do with your life?

2. Have you ever thought about/do you think about Jesus as being more than just a static “God” on the crucifix, and as your personal Lord and Savior? As your friend? How so?

3. When and how do you help others to see God working in their life?

4. “The final aim of our deliberation (discernment) should be to make a response to God’s eternal love for us. For this reason, prior to ‘discerning’ our vocation, or ‘deciding’ on a state of life, we must strive above all to purify our heart, to truly love and to seek God above all and in all things, and to carry this attitude of love into our choice of a state of life. Only then should we set about using the gifts God has given us- our mind and heart- to make a decision about a state of life.” This quote is from a short essay on vocational discernment in the Church. the author speaks about the need to “purify our heart, to truly love and to seek God above all things.” Do you think this is not only possible for you, but necessary in order to understand God’s will? Do you think the apostles were “pure of heart” and truly in love with God? Why?

5. Something to think about: if I want to truly be happy, and it is God alone who can actually realize that happiness for me in my life, then what parts of my life need to be purified and ordered rightly towards God?