Lesson 5: “Be It Done to Me According to Your Word”

Looking at the Blessed Virgin Mary, the human mother of Jesus, we see in the Annunciation a great image of discernment, trust, and obedience. This pattern is the basic pattern for all Christians when it comes to discernment of their vocation and in the daily decisions, big and small, that help them to more faithfully follow God.

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think grace is? Give an example.

2. Do you think you offer to God a “fleshy heart,” or a “stony heart” that is hard to mold? What is your natural tendency toward or away from sin?

3. Have you ever taught somebody a subject? What do you remember about the experience? Do you remember it being really hard? Why?

4. Discernment of your vocation: Are you willing to be taught? Are you willing to listen to God? A spiritual director?

“Different prayers and formulas are good and beautiful, but the essential thing . . . is the simple relationship of a child to its mother, this sense of our need for this mother, the conviction that without her we can do nothing.” -St. Maximilian Kolbe