Mikki Sciba

Mikki Sciba

Religious Studies, Youth Ministry, and Philosophy B.A.

Mikki Sciba is the Catechetical Specialist for the St. Philip Institute of Catechesis and Evangelization in the Diocese of Tyler. She develops and implements creative methods for evangelizing and catechizing children, teens, adults, and families. Her efforts involve forming catechists, directing the Special Needs Ministry, and integrating the children’s catechesis into opportunities for continued formation of adults and families, especially as they prepare to celebrate the sacraments.

A Catechist's Guide for Forming Families Through the Sacraments of Initiation

Families today are experiencing a unique set of challenges.  Although family life is constanlty changing, the power of the sacraments remains.  The sacraments of initiation ensure that each member of the family has the same wellsprings upon whihc to draw, and this source can be renewed through Confession.  This talk will explore how catechists can take advantage of sacramental formation in ordero to help build up the families in their parishes. 

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