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Our speakers have extensive experience leading presentations, retreats, and workshops on a variety of topics, including faith and reason, apologetics, teaching methods, miracles, parenting, relationships, conversion, and the history of the Church. Contact Zaira Melchor (ZMelchor@StPhilipInstitute.org) to schedule a speaker. Please be prepared with a list of possible dates and topics. Contact us early! You can even book several speakers to build a retreat suited to the needs of your parish. 

Dr. Stacy Trasancos

Stacy Trasancos, PhD, scientist, theologian, and mother, has a doctorate in chemistry, a master’s in dogmatic theology, and seven children. She worked for DuPont before converting to Catholicism and restructuring her life. She left her career to stay home with her kids, from there becoming a writer and educator. She is the Executive Director of the St. Philip Institute.

Fr. Justin Braun

Fr. Justin Braun has been a priest since 2012 and has served various roles in the Diocese of Tyler. He is the Season of Discipleship Director for the St. Philip Institute of Catechesis and Evangelization as well as a parish priest, uncle to nine wonderful nephews and nieces, brother to two hard working sisters, and the son of the most loving parents a kid could ask for. He is a skilled retreat leader.

Dr. Luke Arredondo

Luke Arredondo, PhD received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy at St. Joseph Seminary College, his master’s in theology at Notre Dame Seminary, and his doctorate in religion, ethics, and philosophy from Florida State University. His most important work is being a husband to his wife, Elena, and father to their four daughters. He is the Director of Faith Formation.

Mikki Sciba

Mikki Sciba graduated from Benedictine College in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in religious studies, youth ministry, and philosophy. As Catechetical Specialist for the St. Philip Institute, she develops and implements creative methods for evangelizing and catechizing children between the ages of 0-12 years. Mikki and her husband live in Tyler with their three children.

Book a Speaker

Contact Zaira Melchor (ZMelchor@StPhilipInstitute.org) to schedule a speaker. Please provide:

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*If you would like a speaker to speak on a topic not listed, just let us know. We are happy to develop new talks. 

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