Stand with Bishop Joseph Strickland and his St. Philip Institute and Demand the Development of an Ethical COVID-19 Vaccine

We must denounce any COVID-19 vaccine that is developed using the body parts of aborted children and demand that the pharmaceutical industry use ethical practices. Protect the gift of human life at all ages and stages. Right the wrong!

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Please watch this important message from Bishop Joseph Strickland and Dr. Stacy Trasancos, Executive Director of the St Philip Institute.

Hello, I’m Bishop Joseph Strickland, Bishop of the Diocese of Tyler in Texas. And I’m Dr. Stacy Trasancos, Executive Director of His Excellency’s St. Philip Institute.

Today, we ask you to join your voice with ours in a concerted effort to right the wrong and bring to a halt the use of aborted babies in vaccine research.

Efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine are already using aborted children in the research. This is immoral. And, there are ethical alternatives which can be used…which MUST be used!

That is why we ask you to stand with us: Bishop Strickland and the St. Philip Institute. The institute, founded by His Excellency, is charged with providing Catholics across the United States and the world with the materials, expertise, and support to perform their Christian duties and stand for Truth.

While there is still time, we ask that you help us right the wrong and demand the ethical development of vaccines for COVID-19 which do NOT use the bodies of aborted children.

Additionally, we must beg the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of her chaste spouse St. Joseph, and of all the saints to help us hold sacred the greatest gift of God’s creation which is the human person.

Therefore, we must ask you: Will you stand with us to right this wrong?

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May God bless you,

Most Rev. Bishop Joseph E. Strickland, JCL
Bishop of Tyler

Stacy Trasancos, PhD
Executive Director of the St. Philip Institute