Sacramental Formation

The Way of the Holy Family

The St. Philip Institute has developed a new formation program for the Sacrament of Baptism, fully available in both English and Spanish. These materials are designed to empower parents and godparents to fulfill their role as primary educators of the faith and devoted witnesses to a Catholic life. This program includes a process of theological study, personal reflection, and practical application to a lived faith modeled by the Holy Family.

Resource Website for Sacramental Formation

This website contains all the videos and downloadable forms that accompany the formation program.

Reconciliation, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist

Around age seven (usually second grade), the child will begin the process to celebrate the restored order of the sacraments. The catechetical process will include the formation and celebration of Reconciliation, Confirmation, and will culminate with catechesis and the reception of the Holy Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. As noted in Bishop Strickland’s Constitution on Teaching the Faith, the St. Philip Institute is continuing to unify and standardize the specifics of catechetical formation for these sacraments in the Diocese (Constitution on Teaching, 7). These processes for sacramental formation currently being developed will be

  • Of high quality, understandable by our children while maintaining fidelity to the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sacraments of initiation,
  • Desirable, engaging and attractive to children, families, and catechists so that all may encounter the beauty of God’s love for us in the Sacraments, and
  • Useful for the people of East Texas, solving the specific problems we face while also capitalizing on the great successes of those catechists already catechizing in our parishes.

For the 2019-2020 catechetical year, parishes are encouraged to continue the programs they already have in place, taking note of successes, joys, challenges, and difficulties. Through the work of the St. Philip Institute, Bishop Strickland then desires to build upon the successes and solve any difficulties in sacramental formation for children in order that all of our children can come to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ in these channels for his grace.

Training Videos for the Baptism Formation Program

These webinar recordings explain the program in general and how parents and parish leaders can use the program to form holy families.