St. Philip Institute Digital Media

A fun, faith-filled show hosted by Mikki Sciba & Deanna Johnston. Join them as they discuss how to apply the truths of our Catholic Faith to the messiness of family life!

Weekly Podcast

Life Beyond the Chariot

Mikki & Deanna discuss issues at the intersection of family life and faith. 


St. Philip Institute Podcast

Bishop Strickland, Dr. Trasancos, and guests discuss social topics in the light of faith.

Pódcast en Español

Próximamente, pódcast en Español.

Short Film

This is the Night

Unbelieving and wounded, a young man darkens the doors on Holy Thursday.

Teaching Videos
Theology on Canvas

Artist Robert Puschautz explains the theological meaning of his paintings. 

Live Stream
Daily Mass

Bishop Strickland celebrates daily noon Mass in the St. Joseph chapel in the Chancery.