St. Philip Institute Digital Media

Meet Sister Mary Rose & Sister Mary Veronica, two Dominican nuns from the Piney Woods of East Texas!

Weekly Podcast

Life Beyond the Chariot

Mikki & Deanna discuss issues at the intersection of family life and faith. 


St. Philip Institute Podcast

Bishop Strickland, Dr. Trasancos, and Dr. Arredondo discuss the Catholic Faith.

Pódcast en Español

A new Catholic podcast in Spanish with hosts Emmanuel and Esmeralda!

Short Film

This is the Night

Unbelieving and wounded, a young man darkens the doors of a Catholic Church on Holy Thursday.

Teaching Videos
Theology on Canvas

Artist Robert Puschautz explains the theological meaning of his paintings. 

Video Series
Catholics of East Texas

A video series highlighting the lives of individuals living out their Catholic Faith in East Texas.