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Life Beyond the Chariot

Grow in holiness—in the midst of the messiness!

Life gets busy! Years can go by before we realize we haven’t made our faith a priority. In this fun, faith-filled show hosted by Deanna Johnston (Director of Family Life) and Mikki Sciba (Catechetical Specialist), you’ll learn you’re not alone as you seek to follow Christ

Join these two wives and mothers as they discuss how to apply the truths of our Catholic Faith to the messiness of family life!

Practical tips to bring your family closer to God.
Encouragement, advice, and anecdotes from years of parenting experience.
No-nonsense explanations of the Catholic Faith.

St. Philip Institute Podcast

Discover the depth of the Catholic faith.

Catholicism is known for its rules and teachings. Have you ever wondered about their origin? Their purpose? Hosted by Dr. Luke Arrendondo, the SPI podcast unearths the richness of our faith. Dr. Arrendondo examines Scripture and Tradition, helping you understand the faith so you can share it with others.

If you’re ready to dive deep into the why behind our Catholic faith, then you’ll love the SPI Podcast!

Unpack the historical teachings of the Catholic Church.
Explore primary texts such as the documents from the Second Vatican Council, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and papal documents.
Start teaching your friends and family about the richness of your Catholic faith.

Del Agua al Vino

Live out the Catholic Faith en Español.

The Catholic Faith is more than a tradition passed on from our parents. It’s something that can transform us. In Del Agua al Vino, hosted by Esmeralda Peña and Emmanuel Aguilar, you’ll learn Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with you. Responding to his invitation will be the greatest adventure of your life. He can change you from water to wine.

Start living life to the fullest!

Understand how your faith intersects with Hispanic culture.
Learn how to enter into and nurture a relationship with Christ.
Be amazed at the practical, transformative ways you can start living out your faith in the world.

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