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The Catholic East Texas is the official teaching magazine of Bishop Joseph Strickland and the Diocese of Tyler. It contains rich teaching on the Catholic Faith, and is produced by the St. Philip Institute. In his Constitution on Teaching the Faith, Bishop Strickland said,

I am placing the production of the Catholic East Texas magazine within the Institute. It is my intention that the Catholic East Texas continue to develop primarily as a tool of catechesis and evangelization. It will be a significant resource for the Director of the Institute, and the Director will play a major role in how the Catholic East Texas is used for the Diocese. As our diocesan publication continues to become a more effective teaching resource, it will be a channel for teaching to enter every home in the Diocese on a regular basis. This publication will serve as a touchstone, an anchor which every family member can return to as they journey in faith.

This magazine is published four times per year (one volume, four issues per year). Your subscription will begin immediately once your order is completed and will last through four, eight, or twelve issues depending on your choice above. Registered parishioners of the Diocese of Tyler have access to a free subscription here

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