Fr. Justin Braun

 Vocation, Discernment, Youth, Fatherhood

Fr. Justin Braun

Fr. Justin Braun is the Season of Discipleship Director for the St. Philip Institute of Catechesis and Evangelization in the Diocese of Tyler, as well as a parish priest, uncle to 9 wonderful nephews and nieces, brother to two hard working sisters, and the son of the most loving parents a kid could ask for.

He has been a priest since 2012, and has worked in a host of various roles for the Diocese of Tyler, including parish work, High School Chaplain, College Campus Ministry, Director of Vocations and has spoken and led retreats throughout the diocese and beyond.

He is excited to come speak to your parish about anything you request, and for whatever group would benefit the most, incorporating humor, orthodoxy, and a love for Christ and His Bride, the Church!

The Four D’s of Discernment

Whether it is big vocational discernment, career discernment, or more practical and daily questions, discernment can be a painful idea to engage as a Christian. This talk is geared towards helping you discover practical steps in seeking to do God’s will by: Determine what you are discerning; Dedicate yourself to a plan of discernment; Deliberate with a trusted spiritual director; Decide how to respond.

Dealing with Persistent Sins

Using the Sick Man at the pools of Bethesda as a paradigm for understanding how God’s healing mercy can help us overcome habitual sin, this talk explores some common persistent sins and ways of overcoming them through the wisdom of the saints. Whether venial or mortal sins, the time-tested practices of mortification, prayer, and charity work to purify our souls and make us ever more capable of being the child of God we are called to be.

Christian Fatherhood

This talk (or series of talks) focuses on the crisis of fatherhood in its philosophical and cultural foundations, and what the response of the Church has been and will continue to be. Looking at Sacred Scripture and the writings of St. John Paul II, this talk focuses on practical disciplines for all men, especially those who are already fathers.

Christian Motherhood

This talk (or series of talks) focuses on the feminine side of Christian life, looking at the Blessed Virgin Mary and other figures in Sacred Scripture and the Church’s Tradition for guidance and wisdom. Incorporating some of the latest insights of psychology, Christian anthropology, and the saints, this talk is always a good way to engage the women of your parish or group more deeply in their faith.

Source and Summit

This talk (or series of talks) focuses on the Eucharist from the scriptural, dogmatic, and liturgical perspectives with a blend of anecdotal experience as a parish priest and the lived experience of 20+ years of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. Questions often come up regarding this core belief as Catholics, and this talk seeks to help you better understand what it is we believe!