Teaching Structure

The Department of Faith Formation and the Department of Family Life serve the Diocese of Tyler and work to implement a teaching structure worthy of emulation in other dioceses. Our materials and resources are available to anyone.

Faith Formation

The Department of Faith Formation establishes a teaching structure for consistent teaching throughout the diocese.

When fully implemented, the department will form a hierarchy made of the Director of Faith Formation at the institute, Master Catechists in each deanery, Directors of Religious Education and Faith Formation Leaders, and Catechists at parishes. The department develops curricula for faith formation and produces written, audio, and video content.

Faith Formation


Adult Formation


Catechist Formation

“The reality of our time is that the family is fractured and undermined in serious ways in the day-to-day course of society. Underlying this is a fracturing of the human person that results in great confusion in each of the seasons mentioned above. The message of Jesus Christ is the antidote to this confusion and fracture.”

—Bishop Joseph Strickland, Constitution on Teaching (15)

Family Life

The Department of Family Life establishes consistent marriage and family formation programs.

The department hosts marriage formation programs at the parish and diocesan level and works with priests, deacons, and staff to hold these events. The department also develops curricula for marriage formation and produces catechetical and evangelical content in written, audio, and video form.


Natural Family



Three to
Get Married


Special Needs  Ministry

“Because of the intense attacks on marriage in our society, it is imperative that we improve our efforts to build and nurture strong Christian marriages in our Diocese. The formation and continuing support we give to couples entering into matrimony is perhaps the most important project we undertake.”

—Bishop Joseph Strickland, Constitution on Teaching (18)