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By Luke Heintschel • December 10, 2018

By Stacy Trasancos • December 2, 2018

Watch the video companion to Lesson 1: Divine Revelation of The Way of Christ! The Way of Christ introduces readers to the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church, the basics of what Catholics believe and how Catholics should live.

By Luke Heintschel • July 24, 2018

Pope Paul VI promulgated Humanae Vitae in 1968. Where are we 50 years later? Watch these videos to learn about the Church's teachings on contraception and how to live them out in your life.

By Fr. Joshua Neu • July 16, 2018

Fr. Joshua Neu explains the three purposes of marriage and the history of contraception within christianity.

By Deanna Johnston • July 8, 2018

Deanna Johnston of the St. Philip Institute interviews Adam and Jodi Todd about using natural family planning and what that means for their marriage and family.