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By Luke Heintschel • February 9, 2018

In this video, Luke Heintschel explains the three categories of sin and temptation, as well as Jesus' remedy for each category.

By Bishop Joseph Strickland • February 6, 2018

Bp. Strickland reflects on the mystery of Christ's life carrying his cross, and what that means for us as disciples.

By Bishop Joseph Strickland • February 2, 2018

Bp. Strickland Reflects on the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.

By Bishop Joseph Strickland • January 26, 2018

Bishop Joseph Strickland explores 2 Timothy 1:6, focusing on Paul's claim that he "laid hands" on St. Timothy.

By Deanna Johnston • December 23, 2017

Deanna Johnston explains Pope St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body showing some important insights about humanity and our natural state before sin.