Way of Christ for TEENS


The Way of Christ for Teens: “To Whom Shall We Go?” is the first volume of youth formation offered by The St. Philip Institute of Catechesis and Evangelization.

This curriculum is for high school students in a variety of settings: as part of weekly youth group meetings, in small faith sharing groups, and even in large group faith formation settings. Whether you meet in your parish classrooms, a local coffee shop, or an outdoor picnic, the curriculum leads students through the primary themes of discernment and prayer in the Catholic faith.

Using the time honored method of Lectio Divina and supported by the teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, each lesson contains a passage from Sacred Scripture and discussion about doctrinal and spiritual connections in real life situations. With help from the saints and wisdom from catechists, students will engage the life of the Church’s liturgical patrimony and be led through the devotional hallmarks of Catholic piety, including the Rosary, The Stations of the Cross, and Eucharistic Adoration. The goal is to help them solidify the connection between knowledge of and relationship to Christ, the one to whom we go.

The second in the four-part series will focus on the Christian virtues of faith, hope, love, prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. This one is in progress.

Check out these lessons below!

Lessons 1-7

Lesson 1: “Lord to Whom Shall we Go?”

Lesson 2: “Come and See”

Lesson 3: “Follow Me”

Lesson 4: “Do Not Be Afraid”

Lesson 5: “Be it Done to Me According to Your Word”

Lesson 6: “Hail! Holy Queen”

Lesson 7: “My Soul Magnifies the Lord”

Lessons 8-14

Lesson 8: “Do Whatever He Tells You”

Lesson 9: “How Are They to Believe?”

Lesson 10: “Christ is the True Priest”

Lesson 11: “Tend the Flock of God”

Lesson 12: “Feed My Sheep”

Lesson 13: “Do You Love Me?”

Lesson 14: “Sell It All!”

Lessons 15-21

Lesson 15: “Thy Will Be Done”

Lesson 16: “The Same Thing All the Time?”

Lesson 17: “Lord Teach Us How to Pray (1)”

Lesson 18: “Lord Teach Us How to Pray (2)”

Lesson 19: “Do Not Look Gloomy”

Lesson 20: “Sound No Trumpet Before You”

Lesson 21: “Ask, Seek, Knock”


Lessons 22-28

Lesson 22: “Into Your Hands, Lord, I Commend My Spirit.”

Lesson 23: “She Pondered These Things In Her Heart.”

Lesson 24: The Eucharist is the “Source of Summit of Christian Life”.

Lesson 25: The Eucharist- Why We Worship

Lesson 26: The Eucharist- How We Worship

Lesson 27: The Eucharist- Adoration

Lesson 28: ” Go Therefore and Baptize All Nations!”



Fr. Justin Braun


Fr. Braun is the Director of Youth Formation for the St Phillip Institute of Catechesis and Evangelization. He is working on developing content and curriculum to help the youth of the Diocese of Tyler , and to form those who work with youth. Fr. Braun received his Masters of Divinity and STB from the Pontifical College Josephinum, and was ordained on June 9, 2012, by Bishop Alvaro Corrada del Rio. He has served the Diocese of Tyler as parochial vicar at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception for three years, while also working as Chaplain to Bishop Gorman Catholic School, and beginning in 2013 as Director of Vocations. In the fall of 2015 he left his work at the Cathedral and began doing Chaplaincy work at St. Mary’s Campus Ministry at Stephen F. Austin University and then at the University of Texas at Tyler. In January 2018, Fr. Braun was assigned as parochial vicar of Sacred Heart parish in Texarkana, Texas and was assigned as Director of Youth Formation for the St. Philip Institute in June of 2018. Fr. Braun has the great joy of being an uncle to 9 wonderful nephews and nieces, a great-nephew, and occasionally plays the drums for fun and hits the golf ball. He’s worked with youth ministry since his days as a student in Longview, TX some 20 years ago, and he’s very excited to serve the youth and help them get to heaven.

Going Deeper

Divine Mercy (Confession)

The Priest: A Man of Habit

Lectio Divina

The Mass: Gestures, Posture, Reverence

Manual Del Maestro

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