Department of Faith Formation

The Department of Faith Formation establishes a teaching structure for consistent teaching throughout the diocese.

When fully implemented, the department will form a hierarchy made of the Director of Faith Formation at the institute, Master Catechists in each deanery, Directors of Religious Education and Faith Formation Leaders, and Catechists at parishes. The department produces or adopts written and video content.

Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Faith Formation



“In this Constitution, I am challenging all members of the Diocese of Tyler to be like the deacon and evangelist Philip: go and join up with all of the people of East Texas and instruct them in the richness of the Catholic Church, founded and instituted by Jesus Christ. We look to encounter, accompany, and offer each and every person the beautiful truths of the Catholic Faith. This is an audacious goal, but with God all things are possible, and we entrust our mission to Him through the intercession of Saint Philip the Evangelist.”

—Bishop Joseph Strickland, Constitution on Teaching (1)