The St. Philip Institute

Symbolism in Sacred art

Have you ever wondered how to interpret sacred art? On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Robert Puschuatz gave a presentation to the parishioners of Sacred Heart parish in Texarkana to answer those questions.  Interpretation begins with the symbolism used by the artist to tell a story through beauty. 

The Institute is bringing Robert’s work to parishes and into homes, schools, and offices. Robert Puschuatz is the St. Philip Institute Stabat Mater Art Fellow and has been commissioned by Bishop Strickland throughout the diocese to create beautiful and unique pieces to be displayed in parishes. Robert has completed seven pieces for parishes in the diocese and continues to work on more. Recently, Robert finished a painting of St. Michael the Archangel for Bishop T. K. Gorman school and is starting on a new project of the Holy Family for the parish of the same name in Lindale.  

If you would like to request Robert to speak at an event, please contact Zaira Melchor at There is no fee for parishes in the diocese. Browse Robert’s pieces on our website.