Three To Get Married Retreat

One weekend can change your life.

The Diocese of Tyler’s marriage retreat for couples planning to be married in the Catholic Church.

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Our modern world doesn’t “do marriage” well.
We need to change our focus.

Families are fractured.

Almost half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

– National Marriage and Divorce Rates.

Pornography and infidelity is commonplace.

Betrayal and dishonesty in marriage is fatal to the intimacy married couples crave.

“We’re always arguing.”

Whether it’s money, sex, or free time, many spouses become frustrated and exhausted trying to communicate with each other.

…[modern Americans] think [marriage] should…provide the full buffet of satisfaction: intimacy, support, stability, happiness and sexual exhilaration. And if it’s not up to the task, it’s quicker and cheaper than ever to unsubscribe…

Let your Three to Get Married retreat launch you on your “forever” marriage!

Learn how to put Christ at the center of your marriage.

“We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28

“Do not be afraid…when love makes demands.”
St. John Paul II

“The closer we live to God, the closer we are bound to [others]; the farther we are from God, the farther we are from one another.”
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

On retreat, we’ll discuss:

God’s view of love and marriage.

God created us to love and to be loved. What has He revealed to us about marriage and true love and happiness?

Sex. It isn’t merely great, it’s holy.

Believe it or not, sex is God’s idea! Be amazed as you learn what the modern world has been missing when it comes to sex and sexuality.

A strong marital foundation.

The Good News of Catholic Marriage: sacramental grace. Discover the mystery and beauty of a marriage done God’s way!

Healthy habits = healthy relationships.

Prayer, spending quality time together, participating in the sacraments. Learn what it takes to be spiritually and emotionally healthy.

Lived wisdom from other couples.

Gain a deeper understanding of the joys and challenges of marriage and family life through hearing other couples’ real-life stories.

Tools for resolving conflict.

Family of Origin discussions are designed to help you uncover potential sources of conflict. Learn practical ways of building intimacy.

What You Need to Know:

Who Should Attend?

All engaged couples and civilly married couples planning to marry in the Catholic Church.

When should we sign up?

Be sure to talk to your parish priest BEFORE signing up for this retreat, then sign up as soon as possible! Weekends fill up quickly.

What if we have been civilly married more than 5 years?

It is up to your pastor to determine if this retreat is required in your particular circumstances. There may be an additional retreat option available for you.

Can Mentor Couples come?

Yes! Mentor Couples are encouraged to attend with the engaged couple you are mentoring.

“I cannot recommend this process highly enough and pray that each and every pastor and parish will take seriously the great work of forming lifelong disciples through this amazing marriage formation process!”

— Fr. Justin Braun

Pastor of Sacred Heart

How to register

Talk to your Parish Priest

Once you’ve checked in with your priest, you’re free to register.

Find a weekend that works for you.

We offer multiple retreats throughout the year.

Register for your weekend.

Sign up as soon as possible! Weekends fill up quickly.

Unveil God’s plan for marriage.

Discover the mystery and beauty of a marriage done God’s way!

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Discover what marriage is meant to be.

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“This retreat is 100% fantastic. We prayed the rosary and went to adoration together for the first time. Each couple that presented provided insight and inspiration.”

— Julie

“My husband and I have been civilly married for over 20 years. He is not Catholic. Today at the retreat was the first time that we have ever prayed together as a couple.”

— Isabel

“This retreat offered so much information, not only in helping with our marriage formation but also helping in our understanding of the Catholic faith.”

— Roger

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