The St. Philip Institute

Bosco Day 

On January 25th, youth formation leaders from all around the Diocese of Tyler joined the St. Philip Institute at Wellspring Fransalian Center for Spirituality for the very first Bosco Day of 2020. Youth leaders learned how to introduce teens and young adults to the process of Lectio Divina and how to effectively use Lectio Divina in youth ministry. Youth leaders also discussed how to use small groups effectively to establish connections with young people and inspire them to continue attending youth ministry functions. To thank them for their efforts to teach and evangelize, youth leaders were invited to prayerfully enjoy the beauty of the Wellspring center and reflect with their individual teams how to improve the ministry. Please follow us to learn more about youth leader formation events and other events throughout the year.

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Click on the image below to launch a slide show of the St. Philip Institute’s Bosco Day.