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Witness to Love – Civil Marriage Initiative 

On Friday, May 22nd the Family Life Office launched the “Civil Marriage Initiative” for the Diocese of Tyler. This online workshop was co-hosted by Deanna Johnston, the Director of Family Life and Mary-Rose Verret from Witness to Love Marriage Preparation Renewal Ministry. The event focused on the diocesan response to Bishop Strickland’s goal to help all couples in the Diocese of Tyler who are in an irregular marriage situation (e.g. civilly married or in need of an annulment) to have their marriages regularized by 2025. This initiative for the Diocese of Tyler will continue to develop over the next year in partnership with the Cana Project (led by Fr. Gavin Vaverek), the Tribunal, and marriage formation teams at the parish-level.

For more information about marriage formation and the Civil Marriage Initiative in the Diocese of Tyler, please visit