The St. Philip Institute and Compass Catholic Ministries

God, Marriage, & Money Online Workshop for Couples
On Saturday, March 27, 2021, the Family Life Office hosted an online marriage formation workshop with Compass Catholic Ministries called “God, Marriage, & Money”. The event featured a presentation by Executive Director Caitlyn Kano, AFC FFC. 
The workshop focused on money communication techniques, money personalities, dividing money roles, and concrete things couples can do to be successful with their finances. Couples also learned about the importance of planning for shared dreams as a family and budget strategies to get on the same page with their finances. 
This workshop was part of the ongoing marriage formation program for the Diocese of Tyler and was attended by engaged, newlywed, and married couples from our diocese and beyond.  A recording of this workshop can be found here.
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For more information about marriage formation ministry in the Diocese of Tyler for engaged and married couples, please contact the Director of Family Life, Deanna Johnston Ext 120.