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Body Literacy for Single Women

Join cycle educator and NFP instructor, Christina Valenzuela, for an impactful, fun, and enlightening evening to learn about the changes of the menstrual cycle, options of biomarkers to track for ovulation, and how to embrace this aspect of God’s design for your female body– even if your cycles or periods are particularly challenging

What is Body Literacy?
At the simplest level, body literacy is about learning to:
● observe
● interpret
● understand

the signs that a woman’s body gives her throughout her menstrual cycle. Cycles are considered a vital sign for women’s health– providing much more information than just fertility status! By learning how to chart our cycles, we can learn:
● if our bleeds are true periods
● if our cycles present within a healthy, normal range
● whether other symptoms (like migraines or mood shifts) are related to our cycle phases
● how to nourish our body through different cycle phases
● …and so much more!

But for Catholics, body literacy is also how we learn to read what Pope St. John Paul II calls “The Language of the Body,” the way in which our bodies reveal who we are made to be, in relationship to one another and to God.


Jul 27 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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John Paul The Great Campus Ministry Center
2603 Old Omen Road Tyler, TX 75701
Deanna Johnston


Deanna Johnston
(903)630-5055 Ext 120
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