Sometimes Jesus was not at the wedding.
We are here to help you invite Him into your marriage.

The Cana Project & Civil Marriage Initiative in the Diocese of Tyler is an invitation to a sacramental marriage with Christ at the center. The St. Philip Institute Family Life Office is partnering with the Diocese of Tyler Tribunal to provide resources and formation for couples wanting to return to the sacraments. We recognize that there are many different reasons why couples may not be married in the Church and we want to help! 

The Cana Project

“The Cana Project” is for couples who are not sure where to begin their journey to the sacrament of Matrimony. If you have a previous marriage(s), or need to begin the annulment process, or simply need to discuss the details of your situation with someone who can help, visit “The Cana Project” website at the Diocese of Tyler.

 For more information, email or call (903) 939-1037.

Cana icon used with permission ©Vladimir Grygorenko, Dallas.

Civil Marriage Initiative Resources for Parishes

,The Office of Family Life will continue to provide clergy and parish marriage formation teams with the resources and information needed to best serve couples in irregular situations who are seeking a sacramental marriage.  We will continue to update this page with additional resources and formation materials for priests, parish leaders and couples.  For more information about these programs please contact Deanna Johnston at or (903) 630-5055 Ext. 120. 

Helpful Documents for Clergy and Marriage Formation Teams