Marriage Enrichment

Join St. Philip Institute’s Director of Family Life, Deanna Johnston, and her husband along with other top marriage champions from around the country for a five-part marriage enrichment and renewal series. During this time of social isolation, our Domestic Church is in even greater need of relationship with God and others. This is our time as married couples to shine and be the light to those in our homes and communities. Let your marriage BE LIGHT!

The Date Night Series launches on Sunday April 26th and continues for 5 nights (April 26-30).

Each date night will be available after 7pm CST.

Ongoing Formation Opportunities for Married Couples

A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend (WWME) could be THE weekend for the two of you to reconnect and revitalize your marriage. It is an experience guided by couples and a priest who help you to rediscover your dreams, rekindle your romance and become more aware of God’s desire for your marriage. Away from the distractions of everyday life, each couple has the time to focus on each other, and learn new ways of communicating more effectively in a private, positive atmosphere.

2020 Dates

June 12-14
September 11-13
November 13-15

Encuentro Matrimonial Contacto en Español
Gabriel y Delia Campos