Virtual Diocesan Family Room

Schedule for Holy Week Live Streaming

Holy Tuesday | Chancery with Bishop | Noon Mass

Holy Wednesday | Chancery with Bishop | Noon Mass

Maundy Thursday | Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception | Bilingual Mass @ 7:00 pm

Good Friday | Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception | Bilingual Liturgy @ 3:00 pm

Holy Saturday | Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception | Easter Vigil Liturgy 8:30 pm

Sunday | Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception | Fr. Hank Easter Sunday Mass 10:00 am 

(The schedule is subject to change.)

Click here for April 1 Update on Measures to Keep the Diocese of Tyler Safe

Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the Virtual Diocesan Family Room! This is a place for the diocese to connect during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the teaching arm of the Diocese of Tyler, Bishop Joseph Strickland’s St. Philip Institute offers you these resources to deepen your faith during this unprecedented time. Look for recordings of Sunday Masses, pastoral messages from Bishop Strickland, COVID-19 updates, help for homeschoolers, and more. Scroll down to browse a collection of our resources and our Virtual Bulletin Board where you can share what’s going on around the diocese. A mother myself, I know how hard it can be to find a new normal. Thank you for visiting our family room. Keep checking back. We will update frequently.

Gratefully in Christ,

Download Prayer Card

Use this prayer card to lead yourself or a group of people in prayer on Palm Sunday from home. 

Descargar tarjeta de oración

Use esta tarjeta de oración para guiarse usted mismo o un grupo de personas en oración el Domingo de Ramos desde su casa.

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If your parish has anything to post on the Virtual Bulletin Board, please email it to Stacy Trasancos.

Catholic Charities Provides a List of Safe Shopping Hours

Catholic Charities of Tyler provided a list of East Texas stores that are offering COVID-19 Safe Shopping Hours. Other information can be found at store websites. Follow Catholic Charities on Facebook at "Catholic Charities - Diocese of Tyler" for up-to-date...

Canton, TX offering Live Stream Sunday Masses

St. Therese Parish in Canton is offering a live stream Mass every Sunday. Follow their Facebook page.

Live Stream Lenten Mass Schedule in Atlanta, TX

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Atlanta, TX, is hosting a number of Holy Week liturgies via live stream.

Prayer and Mediation from Fr. Gus

Fr. Gus, from the Wellspring Frasalian Center for Spirituality, has provided help to guide us through prayer and mediation for Palm Sunday and Holy Week.

Live Stream Mass and many other events in Madisonville

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Madisonville is live streaming Mass and Stations of the Cross. Follow them on Facebook.

St. Mary Magdalene Food Pantry

The St. Mary Magdalene Food Pantry in Flint is still open.

Live Streaming in Nacogdoches, TX

Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Nacogdoches, TX is streaming live Masses. Follow their Facebook and YouTube page.

Live Stream of Holy Week and Confessions in Paris, TX

Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in Paris, TX is offering confessions and live streaming Holy Mass. Follow them on Facebook.

Sacred Heart Texarkana Live Stream Schedule

Sacred Heart Parish in Texarkana invites you to join in prayer through many livestream events held on their Facebook page.

Adoration and Confession in Holly Lake Ranch

Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Holly Lake Ranch has provided a schedule of days and times they will offer Adoration and confession.

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Daily Mass at Noon with Bishop Strickland

Follow us on Facebook to stream daily Mass from the chancery live. You can be with Bishop Strickland and with Christ in real time and participate in the Mass by adding comments and praying along to receive Spiritual Communion.

Help Flatten the COVID-19 Curve with Faith and Reason

Here are some practical, prayerful tips from Stacy Trasancos at the National Catholic Register to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. The number of cases isn’t known. Therefore, the mortality rate cannot be known. What is known is that the virus spreads easily, even through asymptomatic individuals, and it leads to pneumonia. People who cannot survive pneumonia, especially the elderly, are most at risk of death. If the virus spreads too quickly, hospitals will be overwhelmed, and no one will have medical care. It’s up to each of us. Stop the spread.

Learn More About Confession

Learn more about what the Sacrament of Reconciliation is and why we need it to follow Christ and constantly renew our souls. We have content for kids, teens, and adults.

Catholic teaching spells out exactly what the virtues are and how to practice them. Browse our material for adults and kids to learn how to form habits for happiness.

Take the Challenge!

Follow the Way of Christ

During the COVID-19 Quarantine, the St. Philip Institute and Bishop Strickland encourage you to Follow the Way of Christ. We offer our small catechism, approved by Bishop Strickland, downloadable for free. Use this book to work through the lessons using our videos and 10-question quizzes for each lesson. When you pass the quiz with 100%, you will receive a certificate by email. Collect them all to Follow the Way of Christ! Use this time to learn your Catholic Faith.

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Browse our COVID-19 videos.

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Browse our podcast to teach the faith.

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Faith at Home is FREE

During these challenging times, the Augustine Institute is extending complimentary access to FORMED for all parishioners in the Diocese of Tyler for 40 days. Content in English and Spanish.

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