Catechist Formation and Certification

Catechist Training Seminars Calendar

The Department of Faith Formation will begin regular live training sessions for Catechists throughout the Diocese beginning in Summer 2021. Click here to see the most current calendar of training sessions and to register!

Policy for Catechist Certification

Catechist formation in the Diocese of Tyler will involve a combination of live teaching seminars, courses produced by the St. Philip Institute, and materials from Franciscan at Home or the Augustine Institute.

View new policy document here.

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St. Philip Institute Center for Faith Formation

In the Constitution on Teaching, #53, Bishop Strickland wrote:

“The founding of the Institute is done especially with the formation of our lay catechists in mind. This formation should be intensie, but also convenient, placing as fewq demands as possible on the time and schedule of our volunteers. A technology-driven delivery ssytem for teaching will aid this greatly.”

Inspired by Bishop’s vision, the St. Philip Institute has launched a new training site for Catechists, the Center for Faith Formation. This site will host the courses created by the Institute, along with assessments for each course. In addition, catechists will be able to complete assesments from materials used in the Catechist Certification policy.

Over time, the Center will grow to hold more original material created by the Institute.