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The resources you need to share the Gospel.

In-person training seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all events will feature presentations in English and Spanish.

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Training Website for Catechists

Online resources for curriculum, sacramental prep, classroom management and more.

Pastor or DRE? Download Certification Requirements for Catechists.

The St. Philip Institute exists to make your mission possible.

You have life experience and God-given charisms. God is calling your to use them. We will help you strengthen and use your gifts.

“Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses.”

– St. Pope Paul VI

Well-formed catechetical leaders are vital to our parishes!

The Catholic Church needs faithful disciples of Christ who are willing to serve.

Children and adults are often deprived of the message of the gospel.

Our modern world has made it more challenging then ever to learn and live out Christ’s life-changing message.

There are simple but effective ways catechists can learn to share Christ with others and form them in the faith.

“Our volunteer catechists are the backbone of teaching the Faith in the Diocese. Their tremendous efforts deserve our praise and thanks, and I propose to give them the very best support we possibly can.”

— Bishop Strickland

Practical formation for Catechists in a user-friendly format!


Be a disciple

As a catechist, your primary responsibility is to conform yourself to the image of Christ. Be the witness you want others to be!

Learn the faith

We are called, as Catholics, and especially as catechists, to venerate the Scriptures as we venerate the Lord’s body. Catechist trainings and courses will help you to learn your faith more deeply, leading with the Scriptures.

Share the faith

Don’t keep the faith…share it! As a catechist, you are called to share with others the great treasure you have received from the Lord. We help with practical tips and strategies for effective evangelization.

Get started as a Catechist in the Diocese of Tyler.

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Enroll in The Way of Christ

Start sharing the Gospel with others.

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